Showers and Sleep

October 18, 2019 2 Comments

Showers and Sleep

Sometimes my husband and I are so similar it’s scary. Other times we are complete opposites. When it comes to our daily bathing routines, this is an example of us being drastically different. My husband likes to take a hot shower at night, while I enjoy a cool shower in the morning. When it comes to our hygiene habits, is one better or the other with relation to sleep?

I believe that it comes down to a matter of personal opinion to determine if cleaning yourself in the morning or the evening is preferential. There are benefits to both, such as:

Pros to showering in the morning:

  • Watery wake-up - I know people who insist on having their morning coffee for a caffeine jolt which helps to get them going. Personally, though I do drink coffee in the morning, I find that my morning shower is the activity that gets my body in motion. My head has become accustomed to having a wet scalp. This serves as a reminder to the rest of me that it’s time to get a move-on.
  • Fresh start - My shower washes off any sweat that I might have perspired throughout the night. It also helps me rid myself of any additional bodily fluids that might have left my body as I slept.
  • Ridiculously rejuvenating - Showering in the morning truly makes me feel like a new person. My head becomes clearer and I feel that I am more prepared to face the challenges that the day is going to present to me.

Pros to showering in the evening:

  • Showers are soothing - If you have aching muscles such as a bothersome back, a warm shower can help soothe that soreness. The less aches and pains you have when you lay down for the night, the more likely you are to sleep well.
  • Relaxation remedy - Not only will an evening shower (or bath) clean you but if you bathe in the evening, you most likely will have more time to enjoy it. This means you have ample time to just relax under the water, which can also prepare you for sleep.
  • Calms your conscience - In addition to soothing your muscles and relaxing your body, your mind can also be cleared by enjoying a calm shower or bath. Bathing is a great opportunity for self-reflection. A clear conscience could mean better rest.
  • Hit the snooze button - Not having to bathe your entire body in the morning often means that you can sleep in a few minutes longer. Isn’t that what many of us are looking for? Ways to get more sleep, that is.

As I already wrote, I do not believe that one option is better than the other. I find that the reasons one might prefer morning over evening bathing is subjective. Additionally, there might be some reasons that prevent you from enjoying one or the other. For example, I find it difficult to sleep with a wet head of hair. If I have to blow-dry my hair prior to going to sleep, I find this activity to be very tedious. The time I spend to complete this task negates any of the relaxing benefits that I might have previously attained. I guess this means that I will continue to shower in the morning, and my husband will continue to shower at night. I don’t mind it that much. After all, they do say that opposites attract.

Do you bathe in the morning or the evening?
Why do you prefer this?

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