Specialty Pillows

The wait is over! Lavender & Chamomile now offers specialty pillows including both Lavender and Chamomile Infused Pillows, along with our Frost Gel pillows that have stay cool technology!

Our Infused Pillow collection has lavender or chamomile infused into the body of the pillows. Now there is no longer a need to use a pillow spray to enjoy these fresh and soothing scents. These firm pillows are ventilated to allow you to enjoy the calming aromas. They even come with a removable cover to make them easy to launder. 

Our Frost Gel collection are cooling pillows made of memory foam and Phase Change Material (PCM) technology, which helps these pillows to release heat. This means these pillows feel consistently cool so that you can sleep comfortably and soundly. They provide firm and optimal support, while comfortably cradling your head and neck. 

No matter which specialty pillow you purchase, you’ll enjoy the most restful sleep that you have ever had.

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