2019 Holiday promotion

Lavender & Chamomile would like to extend a sincere thank you for helping us make 2019 a banner year. We are always striving for excellence and ensuring we continue to provide you with the products that you and others in our Lavender and Chamomile family have come to truly enjoy. It is the goal at Lavender & Chamomile for everyone to enjoy a restful night's sleep. With this in mind, please enjoy the attached gift card or feel free to gift it to a friend or family member.

The gift card amount was based on your most recent purchase value.

Item(s) Value*:
  • Over $50 spend: $5 Gift Card
  • Over $75 spend: $10 Gift Card
  • Over $150 spend: $25 Gift Card

*Item Value was calculated using the total cost of the products purchased and does not include taxes or shipping. Gift cards may not be purchased or exchanged for cash. Expires January 30, 2020.

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